There is one global leadership “soft skill” prized more highly than any other – outstanding communication. Most leaders do not give sufficient time and attention to leadership communication, even though it, not how smart you are or what title you have – influences, inspires and earns loyalty, respect and likeability like nothing else. Authentic, confident and persuasive leadership communication is the conduit to delivering change and ultimate success. Whether you are in the political, private, public, not-for-profit or sporting arena on the local, national or international stage – no other company offers the unique combination of skills, experience and strategies to help you reach your potential. When it matters most, contact Justin R Hartley, the international leadership communication specialist.

Justin R Hartley Outstanding Communication covers the “Big 10” specialist communication topics.


Understanding your message, then articulating it succinctly is essential for leadership success. Yet to disseminate a clear, concise and memorable message from vast swathes of data and information can be daunting.


A great speech can stir emotion, inspire action and shape public opinion. It leaves the audience craving more. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy gave speeches that have become etched into the annals of history. They all contained the secret formula.


Public speaking is the foundation skill of both good leadership and developing loyal followership. Every leader today must master public speaking to be their effective best.


Justin R Hartley is an international specialist at helping your big presentation come ‘alive’. There is nothing worse than losing an audience from the start. Justin will work with you to ensure your high profile presentation is slick, engaging and hits all the right notes.


Being interviewed on camera is a big deal and should be treated as such. No interview is the same. One appearance can make or break an issue, a career or even the direction of a nation. Never underestimate being on air.


Certain life moments are pivotal. One that qualifies is the interview for your dream job. It is cut throat, time consuming and can be very stressful. BUT, if you can perform under pressure, impress and persuade and land that new role, it can set you up financially and change your life.


From a town hall forum to a nationally televised debate, Justin R Hartley is the “go-to guy” you need to help prep you to perform at your very best. Justin’s “Hartley Presidential Debate Approach” (HPDA) provides a unique system to debate preparation.


Political communication is a specialist field within communication and is primarily concerned with influencing the media and public to inform, change policy and win elections.


Persuasion is at the very core of how we live and interact. It is key to helping you get what you want. Whether it be face-to-face, in a small group or to a large audience, effective persuasion skills are absolutely essential.


Irrespective of the quality of risk analysis and planning done, unexpected negative events and crises can and do happen. With today’s 24-hour news cycle and the global reach of social media, these can be very damaging. If mishandled, issues may escalate into a full-blown crisis that threatens your brand and reputation.  What can take a lifetime to build up may be lost in an instant.