Outstanding Communication

Public speaking is the foundation skill of both good leadership and developing loyal followership. Every leader today must master public speaking to be their effective best. Yet public speaking is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach as many coaches espouse. Each person has a distinct authentic speaking style that should be preserved. Justin R Hartley has an unrivaled combination of qualifications and experience to make you the most impactful speaker possible while retaining your authenticity. Justin wrote and delivered the highest graded public speech ever recorded at Harvard in the course The Making of a Politician – and he now shares his unique formula across the world on four continents; from local councilors to former Prime Ministers, from CEOs to Presidential Candidates; not-for-profit founders to Colonels.

Justin’s training will ensure you:

Control your nerves and make an outstanding first impression

Learn the secrets to connect with the audience

Speak with control and confidence and command of the subject

Identify what key words are most impactful for your purpose and understand why

Master the use of voice, facial expression and hand gestures

Be heard and be seen to be authentic, by finding your own natural style