“Tell the world what you stand for”

In 2014, the Washington Post reported that fear of pubic speaking is America’s number #1 phobia – ahead of the fear of death.

Not reaching your public speaking potential can seriously damage your professional and personal opportunities in life. To what extent you may never know.

Justin believes everyone should learn to speak well in public with clarity, calmness and confidence. With COURAGEOUS Public Speaking – everyone can!

So what’s the secret? COURAGEOUS Public Speaking does not assume fear just disappears (it recognises it as part of our natural survival flight-fight response) Instead COURAGEOUS Public Speaking enables you to speak well in public in spite of it.

Justin’s unique worldwide course will teach you how to manage nerves, push through them and use them to your advantage. Make no mistake – this takes COURAGE!

The good news is that ANYONE can do this. Nobody is born a great or even competent public speaker. It is not just for extroverts. It is a learned skill and no matter how nervous or uncertain you feel, when you go to Justin, he will put you at ease immediately.

Justin’s training will increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and provide you with a powerful set of tools and skills that you can instantly apply in all facets of your life, turning once fearful public speakers into great speakers and already accomplished speakers into outstanding ones! Do not miss out on this opportunity!

After joining Justin, he will:

Identify your natural speaking style

Reveal to you the secrets for really connecting with your audience

Explain the power of body language and show you how and when to use it

Provide you with the most powerful words to use in speech

Teach you how to enhance your speech, depending on the situation, for example incorporating stories, data and humour.

Upon completion of COURAGEOUS Public Speaking you will:

Be aware of the pitfalls when public speaking and know how to avoid them

Always control your nerves and make an outstanding first impression, speaking with calmness, control and confidence

Be able to speak on your feet, sound impressive and show a command of your subject

Master the use of body language including your voice, facial expression and hand gestures

Be authentic, be heard and importantly, be respected

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