Outstanding Communication

Persuasion is at the very core of how we live and interact. It is key to helping you get what you want. Whether it be face-to-face, in a small group or to a large audience, effective persuasion skills are absolutely essential. As philosopher Bertrand Russell said “ What is distinctively human at the most fundamental level is the capacity to persuade and be persuaded.” The bottom line is this – to become a leader in a democracy, whether implicitly or explicitly, those who choose the leader were persuaded to do so.

Justin R Hartley learnt the science and art of persuasion from one of the global legends of the discipline, Harvard Professor Gary Orren. Justin was voted one of the most persuasive students from the international class of more than 120 leaders – a course previously taken by then Harvard Law student, Barrack Obama, and regarded as his favourite course while at Harvard. President Obama used some of these very same skills in campaigning before being elected 43rd President of the United States.

Justin R Hartley knows these secrets to persuasion and influence and has now developed his own persuasion “tool box” that he will not only teach to you, but also explain when and how to use, depending on the environment you are in, to be the most authentic and influential leader you can be. Justin has also co-authored the lead chapter of a major international text entitled “Political Advertising and Persuasion”.