Outstanding Communication

From a town hall forum to a nationally televised debate, Justin R Hartley is the “go-to guy” you need to help prep you to perform at your very best. Justin’s “Hartley Presidential Debate Approach” (HPDA) provides a unique system to debate preparation.

Justin learnt the art of mastering the political debate under Harvard’s legendary Professor Steve Jarding. Justin himself debated some of the best in the world at Harvard, putting these skills to the test and was judged top ‘international’ debater in the 105 minute Harvard “Mock Presidential Debate”. He has since advised on US based debates and as Campaign Manager, helping a US politician win re-election with a record result.

The Justin R Hartley HPDA incorporates “practical” world-class memory training, a rigorous research approach and world leading public speaking, presentation and persuasion skills. Justin’s training will allow you to leave your notes and speak effortlessly and decisively, directly to camera, your opponent or to your audience, maximizing your impact and influence.

His system also includes in depth video analysis of his key training points, illustrating real-world successes and failures in practice. He will also run you through personal intense simulations, to replicate the real event.

With Justin R Hartley’s HPDA you will be able to:

Advocate your position confidently, clearly and concisely

Handle all questions, even the unexpected, with aplomb

Remain calm and in control, even in hostile environments

Keep loyal to your message and ensure it gets through, irrespective of the questions asked

Never “lose” a debate and win the news coverage