Outstanding Communication

Irrespective of the quality of risk analysis and planning done, unexpected negative events and crises can and do happen. With today’s 24-hour news cycle and the global reach of social media, these can be very damaging. If mishandled, issues may escalate into a full-blown crisis that threatens your brand and reputation.  What can take a lifetime to build up may be lost in an instant.

Justin R Hartley represents leaders (including politicians), company spokespersons, senior executive teams and high public profile individuals, helping them prepare for interaction with the media during a crisis or challenging time. Justin’s expertise can be delivered with ultimate discretion to help clients prepare responses, handle enquiries, conduct media interviews, handle social media and stage press conferences during a crisis.

Justin’s training objective are threefold:

  1. Preparing clients to perform in the media skillfully under the most intense pressure and challenging circumstances
  2. Delivering clear, concise and timely communication that is informed, sincere and authentic
  3. Maximizing the best possible outcome by resolving crises quickly while protecting reputation, including the potential of emerging from the crisis with an enhanced reputation.