Outstanding Communication

Political communication is a specialist field within communication and is primarily concerned with influencing the media and public to inform, change policy and win elections.

As a scholar, research fellow and consultant, Justin R Hartley specialized in leadership, politics and persuasive communication at Harvard University. He has the perfect balance of experience and results to give you confidence that he is the right person to go to for your political communication strategy. He is best placed to advise and train you and your team on world leading best practices in political communication, whether public speaking, hosting town halls, debating, social media presence, television and radio advertisements or on the campaign trail itself.

As campaign manager, he successfully helped a local US politician become re-elected with a 28% increase in number one votes. He has been a policy advisor to a candidate running for party nomination in the 2016 US Presidential elections. Justin has also co-authored a major international publication (along with a Harvard Professor) on political communication and persuasion. When you want the best of the best to help achieve your goals, contact Justin R Hartley.