Outstanding Communication

Certain life moments are pivotal. One that qualifies is the interview for your dream job. It is cut throat, time consuming and can be very stressful. BUT, if you can perform under pressure, impress and persuade and land that new role, it can set you up financially and change your life. How do you give yourself the advantage? Most experts agree it’s the technical skills (hard skills) that get you the interview but once there, in the room, in front of the interviewer or interview panel, it’s the interpersonal and communication skills (soft skills) that will get you the job!

Why spend all that time and money acquiring the hard skills and then, when it really matters, ignore the final training that can actually land you the job? Justin R Hartley can be the difference you need, for such roles as:

CEO of a blue chip company

A place with your dream graduate school

Director General of your Government Department

A place into your Medical College of choice

The Senior Executive position you’ve always wanted

Help maximise your success winning that big scholarship or grant

When it matters most, make sure you do not leave anything to chance. Help maximize your chance of success and contact Justin R Hartley.