Mind Power

Would you like to be better at remembering names and faces? What about instantly recalling facts for that important client meeting? Or maybe all pages of those study notes for that big exam? The crucial points you want to convey for that career-defining interview? How about instantly being able to remember the key data you need in the big national debate or live television interview?

On a personal level, would you like to learn techniques to ensure you never again misplace your keys or never forget key personal details such as your PIN, Tax Number, Credit Card Number, Passport ID, anniversaries, birthdays? Do you wish you could remember long lists, poems, passages of text, phone numbers or even historical events and dates? The list goes on…

The bottom line is this: memory is core to who we are and whatever we do. In truth, you have used your memory right now in operating your device and even in reading this. As a former Guinness World Record Holder and media personality in memory, Justin has the expertise to give you access to a much more powerful memory and use it immediately, to your advantage.